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YouTuber Logan Paul Is Going to Fight Floyd Mayweather

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Two notable YouTube influencers have started boxing, Logan Paul and Jake Paul.

They both have gone public, trying to challenge other celebrities to fight them in the ring.

Logan Paul is coming off an entertaining fight with fellow influencer KSI, but he isn’t done. He was smart enough to capitalize on the hype he was receiving by using it to troll his way into the ring with one of the best boxers to ever put gloves on.

Floyd Money Mayweather was daring enough to be the one to challenge, or as I’d say, put this man back in his place. 

To begin with, Logan Paul is 24 years old 6’1 181 lbs. He is about half Mayweather’s age and comes from a totally different background career wise. Logan originally got his clout & fame from the social media app Vine. He would simply post funny videos, and once he got a lot of followers, he started making videos with other famous vine influencers.

After Vine’s death, he took his creativity to YouTube and ever since he’s been living comfortably, making appearances on TV shows from time to time such as, Law & Order: SVU, even appearing in a YouTube-produced movie called, The Thinning. Logan has amassed a net worth of $12.5 million doing the whole YouTube influencer deal.  

Logan Paul plans on training with Shannon Briggs. Briggs is a former boxer, nicknamed “The Cannon.” Whatever training they’ve been doing must be working because Logan hasn’t lost any of the three exhibition fights he’s been in, and none of them have been close. Logan hasn’t fought anybody like Floyd yet, though. 

Next, the only real boxer in this match is “Pretty boy” Floyd. This man is undefeated in his boxing career (50-0). Mayweather is 5’8 150 lbs. Clearly undersized in this exhibition, but that’s not anything Floyd isn’t used to. He’s fought in six different weight classes, taking out the biggest and baddest fighters.

Mayweather has never hidden from competition. Whether he’s retired or not, he will not allow somebody to play around with his name.

Back in 2017, a UFC fighter and champion Connor McGregor challenged Floyd to a boxing match.  Of course, Mayweather accepted and won by TKO in the late rounds.

This one isn’t going to be any different in my eyes. Floyd has been active since his retirement in 2017. He still competes in exhibition matches if the price is right, which is part of the reason why he is taking this fight.

Even though the fight was supposed to take place in February, it was postponed until June 5th. Everybody that follows either Mayweather, Logan Paul, or Jake Paul is anticipating this potential fight of the year.

I don’t say “fight of the year” because of steep competition, I say it because, between the two men involved in the actual fight, there are 44 million followers on Instagram alone.

With this fight being pay-per-view, both guys will come out a lot richer than before they stepped in the ring, but somebody has to walk away a loser, and I don’t believe Mayweather is going to be the one being made fun of at the end of the night.

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