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Black America in 2021

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What is it like to be black in 2021?

To begin with, in the business world there just isn’t a lot, if any, of African Americans in positions of power. That applies for just about any corporation or chain of power.

Black America is socially conditioned to believe being an athlete or a rapper or selling drugs is the only way to make real money nowadays. The reason behind that is because that is all we see growing up is the white man owning all the big-name companies. Even in TV shows there are rarely ever black characters playing big roles.

What I’m trying to say is, this has all been conditioned within our society that big corporations or important jobs are for white Americans. This doesn’t mean there aren’t people of color that still aspire to become actors, doctors or business owners. 

What must our people do to get the respect we deserve? Charles Shaurf, the CEO of Wells Fargo, didn’t make the situation any better when he came with the second statement of “I apologize for making an insensitive comment reflecting my own unconscious bias.“ This supports my point that these social injustices are unconsciously, and consciously, conditioned.

People will openly discriminate against our people and won’t even know why. This is a current issue in the world that must be fixed.

Police brutality also plays a huge part in the social injustice of today. This year alone, there have been 988 people shot to death by Policemen. We (African Americans) account for less than 13 percent of the U.S. population but are killed by police at more than twice the rate of white Americans.  

The killing of George Floyd sparked an outbreak of riots and peaceful protests throughout America. The outbreak of protests also brought other stories of social injustice, such as the story of Breonna Taylor’s murder, to the attention of Americans. All the protests have one central message: Black Lives Matter. 

The social injustice even extends to the business world of things, not just the police brutality or just discrimination in public. Americans are still protesting to this day for the same things we were fighting for 50-60 years ago.

Now ask yourself how many of these white men who go and do these mass shootings in public places are leaving the scene physically harmed? You guessed it, none.

George Floyd, a 46-year-old Black man, was murdered over a $20 counterfeit bill

This is a different example of social injustice, but it might be the most gruesome because what made this man feel like he had to kneel on another person’s neck with the help of three other officers?

I can’t think of any reason other than the fact that he just doesn’t care for the humanity of a person of color. This man had to have some kind of trigger in his head that made him set aside all police protocol and do what he felt was “right.”

Situations like these are what makes living in America so scary. The law enforcers that are supposed to protect the people, are going around killing people, and we’ll never know the truth.

Whether these officers truly do not know what they are doing, or that they’re scared. Is this all a part of some kind of secret plan? We will never know. 

Even if we do our best to stay out of trouble, the business world is still against us. Knowing people are reluctant to hire any of us just because of what we look like is mentally draining. So there you have it, what it’s like in 2021 America. Everything has changed but the real problems.

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Made By Students from the University of Alabama at Birmingham