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GOP Leaders Look to Increase Gas Tax for Infrastructure Plan

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Republican congressional leaders are suggesting an increase in the gas tax for President Biden’s $2 trillion infrastructure plan. Coming from a family of truck drivers, I would say this is not the best option to help America’s infrastructure.

Gas prices from 2019-2020 were at a low the United States had not seen for some time, and nearly a year later they have skyrocketed. Implementing a tax that would further increase gas prices would continue to put strain on an industry that already pays too much for gas.

Truck drivers can be seen hauling varieties of materials on highways each day, sometimes traveling across the country to deliver their shipments. While also due to COVID-19, the expense of trying to pay for the increased gas prices have put some truckers out of work.

I have family members in the trucking industry who had to let people go due to the cost increase, with gas prices being a contributing factor.

Democrats want to implement a corporate tax, rather than a gas tax, that would see industries pay more to help the infrastructure. The GOP oppose this route, claiming it would stunt job growth according to Fox Buisness’ John D. McKinnon.

While Biden’s infrastructure plan is designed to help roads, bridges, and highways, it is also designed to help with global warming through the use clean energy methods.

However, this would most likely have just as much of a negative impact on truckers. The plan would also include trying to move vehicles over to electric rather than gas, making it difficult for truck drivers.

Trying to help the environment is a noble deed that we should all strive towards, but this plan for infrastructure would most likely hinder many individuals who require gas powered vehicles for their livelihoods.

The gas tax would not just affect truck drivers, but ordinary people who commute almost every day.

Even though I am not a truck driver, it takes me about 30 minutes to get to work on the weekends. For others that take this long or longer to get to work, no matter what vehicle, I can also understand the frustration of how frequent we need to visit a gas station.

I believe that our government should convene to discuss a less costly and more efficient way to help our infrastructure that would not hinder any American citizen.

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