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Pension Bill for Birmingham Workers on Verge of Becoming Law

A bill that would secure retirement funding for Birmingham city workers, raise employee contributions by half a percent and reduce benefits for new workers is on the verge of being signed into Alabama law after officially passing the House and Senate.

Get a quick catchup on the timeline of the bill in Alabama’s legislature:

  • Tuesday, March 30:

    • Birmingham City Council unanimously approves the proposed pension plan, proposed by Mayor Woodfin, in a regularly scheduled city council meeting.

    Opponents of the percent increase in employee contributions, which include Rep. John Rogers, D-Birmingham and Commissioner Lashunda Scales point to it being a financial burden for marginalized workers.

    Mayor Woodfin addresses any skepticism of the increase in a city council meeting where he said that the focal point should be on the guaranteed funding for workers that the bill provides.

  • Tuesday, April 6:

    • HB510 moves to the House where it passes in a 58-23 vote–but not without disagreement from some representatives.

    Rep. John Rogers, D-Birmingham said the bill’s half a percent increase would affect workers worker who could least afford the change.

    “The garbage collectors are all against this bill,” Rogers said. “What you do hurts the least. The retired employees are against this bill. ”

    Rep- Mary Moore said voting on the bill should pause to enable effective communication with employees whom the bill affects to ensure understanding.

    “If people had been talked to in advance, you would not have the hardships you have now,” Moore said in her critique to Treadaway’s community outreach efforts for support on the bill, according to msn.

    Treadaway said the 7.5 percent contribution is the same as the past employee contributions before it was reduced to a seven percent rate due to the economy being in better shape, according to alreporter, in his address to controversy in the House vote on April 6.

  • Tuesday, April 13:

    • The House Bill 510, originally proposed by R-Allen Treadway, is approved by the Senate in a 18-0 vote

    Four Democratic, 12 Republican, and two unknown party senators vote “yes.”

    16  senators vote “other.”

  • Tuesday, April 13:

    • The HB510 is sent to Gov. Kay Ivey, and awaits her approval in order to be signed into law.

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