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Are Wellness Days at UAB Beneficial?

Due to not having a Spring break this year because of COVID-19, Universities across the state including UAB have implemented “wellness days” into their schedule. 

The University of Alabama at Birmingham is obligated to provide a minimum number of instructional days. This is enforced by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission.

On UAB’s website they stated, “Spring 2021 Wellness Days are intended to provide students, instructors, and instructional support staff some opportunity to refresh and rejuvenate.”

The wellness day is set for Wednesday, April 14th. Each instructor is approaching the day differently. Some professors are loading their students down with homework and others are giving their students a break for the day.

Angela Stowe, Director of Student Counseling Services and Wellness Promotion said, “We encourage students we work with to find ways to practice self-care and take a break or pause.  We promote how important it is to take a break when you can!”

Every student is highly encouraged to take the day off and reflect on life, and emotional health. 

“Having the mid-week wellness day on April 14th, has given me peace knowing I will have a day to rest and rethink what I need to do for the rest of the school week” said, Lauralee Benson, senior studying Medical Industrial Distribution.

It has been so nice being senior year and having a day to just think about my past four years here at UAB, said Benson.

“Even though it was hard not having a spring break, the two wellness days have helped a lot,” said Jordan Bonk, senior studying Marketing.

Spring break is usually a time where students can enjoy multiple days in a row of free time. Although wellness days aren’t back to back, students are still able to enjoy their time off. 

“My professors have done a very good job of giving me a break on the wellness days to really focus on my mental health (sleeping, having free time, and exercising)” said Bonk.

With it being the end of the semester a lot of students are cramming in last minute assignments and projects. The wellness day can also be used as a catch-up day for students in need of more time.  

“It has been very difficult this year due to COVID and the wellness days have really encouraged me to focus on my mental health. said Bailey Holloway, senior, studying Healthcare Management.

Not only has it helped each student focus on their own mental health it has also helped students check in on each other and see how everybody is holding up.  

 “I am very thankful that the University has given us these wellness days, and I am going to take full advantage of them”, said Holloway.

Wellness days were never thought of before this year, but students at the University of Alabama at Birmingham have really appreciated them and have not taken them for granted. The University should take into account that these wellness days could be very beneficial for future years to come. 

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Made By Students from the University of Alabama at Birmingham