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UAB Looks Forward to Upcoming Football Season

UAB’s football team started spring practice earlier this March, holding its first scrimmage game March 27th.

“Today, I saw everybody getting better and still protecting each other. Like every first day, we have a lot of things to get better at and a lot of things to correct,” said Bill Clark, UAB’s head coach in statement provided by UAB athletics. “Our attitudes were great, and they practiced well together.”

Clark said that he is proud of how players have stepped up during the offseason, especially with starting players receiving minor injuries and other members being able to step up into those positions.

“Organizationally, I am very proud of them. I love how they practiced together. I love the belief. It seems like every spring, we end up getting banged up,” Clark said. “There are no major things; just some hamstrings and groins. As I always say, when a guy goes down, another guy gets his opportunity. We had some guys out today. We had some other guys that stepped up. It was a good day.” 

Clark said that it is important to distinguish between practice and scrimmages due to players individual drives that determine on how they will react in a real game.

“As always, we are looking at drives. That is what you don’t see in practice. When an offense makes a first down, what do they do from there,” Clark said. “That is what you don’t do when you are just running singular plays in practice. I love to see the drives. I love to see how they handle situations.” 

Practices are harder than scrimmages, according to Clark, due to various reasons pertaining to the football players.

“Practices are harder than scrimmages. They really are. You have to be able to be on the sideline and be able to transition from sitting there to, ‘Let’s go.’ It means everything,” Clark said. “What do all the situations mean? We could talk about that all day, but all those things are important.” 

Clark said the team, compared to last season, still has a lot of work to do and look for a championship this season.

“I think we were disappointed, but our last memory was a championship memory. It is great memories of a championship. That is all we are thinking about,” Clark said. “That is now behind us. The bullseye gets bigger and bigger. This team has high expectations. We have one of the toughest schedules in the country, so we have a lot of work to do.”

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