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What the People of Birmingham Think About Donald Trump’s Second Impeachment

Peter Van Agtmael. Magmun photos. 2021. Washington DC. USA.

Birmingham residents feel the recent impeachment trial of Donald Trump was a failure, while others think that he did not incite the riots and it was unconstitutional to impeach him in the first place.

“The power of impeachment is gone, and I mean it’s because a lot of republicans are probably corrupt, but that’s a whole other issue,” said Gage Elam, a pharmacy tech from Crestwood. “[During the sack] He didn’t even send in the national guard. It was Pence.”.

Elam said he is disappointed in the acquittal, feeling the president was responsible for the attempted insurrection. He said he thinks President Trump should have been held accountable for other transgressions, mentioning how Trump called Georgia’s Secretary of State and asked him to change the election results. This alone was enough for impeachment, according to Elam.

Maddie McCann, a graphic designer for the Onin Group, thinks that since he did not get impeached, future leaders will believe they can do the same thing. “I feel like he’s fostered this culture of allowing people to have like these extremist or kind of hateful views,” McCann said. “and allowed them to be presented as an opinion that we should have to listen to.”. McCann said she is annoyed by the result of the impeachment process, and like Elam, believes Trump is responsible for the sacking of the capitol.

However, retired military veteran Bill Stafford thinks the complete opposite–, He agrees with the decision to acquit him. Stafford said he believes the riots were pre-planned months in advance by Black Lives Matter activists. “they dressed up like Trump supporters.” Stafford said. He also said he thinks the impeachment was not constitutional, criticizing Democrats for “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”.

Robert Neeley, a local banker, agrees with these same sentiments. He said he doesn’t believe the evidence presented is enough to convict. “You’re innocent until proven guilty, and I don’t think he was proven guilty.”

Neeley thinks Trump has always urged his supporters to protest peacefully and that the evidence used against him was taken out of context. “I think the Democrats were way more inciteful of violence than the president,” he said

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