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What It’s Like To Have A Parent With An Immune Disease During A Pandemic

My mother has been around me all my life, along with being around me all my life she’s had an illness that’s weakened her immune system all my life.

As long as I’ve known about her health, I’ve done my best to not get sick. I’ve always been wary of making sure to take precautions during cold and flu season because of my mother.

As a kid I didn’t really understand that her health was bit different than mine, I just knew that what could just be a common cold to me would be a bit more severe to her.

I’ve had to become more cautious than I was already was when COVID came about. Making sure I keep myself protected for this virus is one thing but keeping myself protected in order to keep her safe is a completely different ball game.

If I even get a sore throat, I have to stay away from her so that she doesn’t catch it worse than I do.

My biggest scare during this entire pandemic was when a customer came into my job before it was mandatory that people wore mask.“I forgot my mask, oh well it doesn’t matter I’ve already had it,” she said at my register. She kept going on about how she had it a week ago and touching everything at my register. I was floored to hear her dismissing it like she was suddenly immune to COVID because she ‘already had it’.

My paranoia for my mom’s health skyrocketed and I immediately text my best friend to come get me from work so my mom wouldn’t have to be exposed to whatever I was just exposed to.

I was scheduled to work the next day so the first thing I did was contact my job to see what they wanted to do about the situation. Of course, my manager wasn’t much help, all they asked was how long was the customer at my register.

Like I really time how long someone is in my face, anyway I called and explained to my job that I was not coming in just in case I had been exposed. I self-quarantined for her safety, thankfully my mom was at her friend’s house, I told her to stay there until I had gotten my results for COVID.

That was honestly the biggest scare I’ve had since this whole pandemic started; my health didn’t really matter to me. But I did all I could to ensure that my mother was okay, what sucks is I know that this virus isn’t going anywhere any time soon.

I’m always going to be on edge when it comes her health or me coming in contact with anybody outside of my home.

Edited By: Madison Goodgame & Diane Mwai

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