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2020: A Year of Shocking Loss

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This is an entertainment opinion piece

This year has brought us a multitude of situations from COVID-19, quarantine, and home schooling. But most of all, it has brought us death—causing us to lose some of the most visible and influential people to the everyday citizens who represent the backbone of the nation.

2020 has been a living, blazing underworld if I do say so myself. We’ve lost many influential figures from Ruth Bader Ginsberg to Regis Philbin. I can definitely say that this is a year for the history books. Just two years ago, Stan Lee passed and then this year we lost our Black Panther, Chadwick Boseman.

Perhaps the two deaths that really hit hard for me were Kobe Bryant and Alex Trebek.

Kobe Bryant was the reason I actually cared about watching basketball. I didn’t bother understanding the sport until I saw his love, passion, and work ethic that he contributed to the game.

It was even more saddening to so many of us to find out that he didn’t leave this world alone. His daughter, Gianna Bryant, who was following in his basketball-star footsteps, went with him and it’s still something me and my friends talk about and question, “why Kobe?” He was retired and dedicated to just being a dad.

Alex Trebek’s death shook not only me, but half of the people I know. We all grew up watching the beloved game show host. I came home faithfully after school to watch Jeopardy so I could learn something new. I can recall looking forward to sitting on the couch and watching Jeopardy with my grandparents.

Seeing as I’ve already lost my grandparents, his death feels like one of my favorite moments with my grandparents died too.

While his death was a bit more expected due to his health it still hit us in a soft spot. It was still surreal to wake up and have his passing be the first news update on my phone. I found myself preferring to watch updates on the presidential voting recount to keep myself distracted from news of his death.

Honestly, the death toll of celebrity greats this year has been shocking; add that to the deaths of everyday citizens dying from COVID-19 and natural causes, and the result is excruciating.

It’s so bad now that when I see a picture of a notable person without context I automatically assume the worse. If this year takes Betty White, I wouldn’t know how to feel.

Edited by Alivia Moore and Ryan Michaels

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