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Polygamy Is Not As Taboo As We Think

I don’t see many people speak on polygamy anymore, they treat it as if it was a fad that just went out of style.

I was doing something I normally do during my down time, just going from app to app until I finally settled on TikTok. Unlike the usual generic dance videos, I see I came across a video from this kid named Merlin.

The first thing I see is a picture of a middle-aged man surrounded by a bunch of babies. He goes on to explain that the man is his father, and all the kids pictured are just some of his siblings. On top of that those are just the siblings that are the same age as him.

Of course, I had never heard of Winston Blackmore, so I did a bit of digging. He is basically the Canadian Warren Jeffs. He continues to do what Jeffs would be doing if he were never arrested.

While Jeffs had around 70 kids, Blackmore had 150 and it seems he’s still having kids. It’s crazy that out of 150 kids, only three of them have chosen to speak out on it. What’s even more crazy is that they had to leave everything and everyone they know behind to even talk about it.

I really don’t blame them though; they grew up in a cult with a pedophile for a father. These kids are conditioned to think that the life they lead is normal even though it isn’t legal, then when they speak up about it they’re shunned and abused by the very people they grew up with.

It’s scary because we know polygamy is still very relevant, but most of us turn the other cheek if it doesn’t affect us personally. As much as we talk about sex trafficking, we have seemed to neglect that most kids, especially young girls growing up in the polygamist lifestyle are trafficked by people that they’re related to.

They start sorting these girls off to the most promotable men in the cult. There are 13-year-old girls married to men five times their age people! In most cases if the boys don’t leave of their own accord, they’re usually thrown out of the only home they know so that the elders of their “community” can have the younger girls.

It’s sickening and a sad reality for the many children that grow up this way. As a result, some of them unfortunately see suicide as their only way of ever truly escaping the trauma they still hold on to. Because a lot of them end up married to a relative, a number of these kids die at young ages because of some sort of illness because of inbreeding.

While some will get out, there are those that will never leave because of the extreme brainwashing they’ve endured. It’s so deeply embedded into many of their minds that they‘re afraid to even begin thinking about leaving the cult.

(Video Credits To @merlinslife on TikTok)

Edited By: Madison Goodgame & Diane Mwai

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