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Thanksgiving Might Be A Little Different This Year, But That’s Alright

Thanksgiving is a time to come together as one and show thanks for your loved ones. If your family is anything like mine, this usually involves an abundance of people, but not this year.


Everything has had to change around us but the love we have for our family and friends does not. I know of a lot of celebrations did not take place this year but hopefully in the future, things will let up.


A socially distanced Thanksgiving is even being encouraged. If you are planning to still have everyone come together there are some extra precautions that you could take to make gathering a little bit safer.


Some tips for a socially distanced Thanksgiving:


• Make sure to set up tables/chairs six feet apart.

• Try to keep your mask on when you are not eating.

• Attempt at bringing your own dishes with separated portions.

• Disinfect doorknobs and utensils.

• Try to stay away from where the food is being made and try to keep others away if you are hosting.

• If you are traveling, continue washing your hands and following the typical guidelines.


Following these rules is not necessarily ideal but could keep you and your loved one’s form spreading the virus.


My friends and I decided to go ahead and have a meet up for a live music event on Halloween, which also happened to be my birthday. We kept thinking that if we wore our masks and didn’t share drinks that everyone would be alright.


Come to find out after Halloween, I knew 10 friends of mine that had contracted COVID. My boyfriend and I were just about the only ones I knew that did not.


After doing some research, we found out that a bartender had tested positive the following Monday after the celebration and that it was not just our friends who were sick. Being pregnant is just about the only thing that saved me from obtaining the virus, which would have the second time.


I know it seems inevitable and honestly probably is but trying to keep others safe is what I have tried to keep in mind. It isn’t just about me or you anymore, but the people who cannot handle getting sick.


I do think that virtual Thanksgiving would not be that bad and neither would an extremely precautious socially distanced one. Whichever one you and your family might choose, try to keep these tips in mind. The cases just continue to rise and who wants to be the reason their sweet grandmother catches coronavirus.


Edited By: Diane Mwai

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