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Will McDonald’s Plant Based Menu Change My Opinion On The Chain?

By: Madison Goodgame

As someone who ate a little too much McDonalds when I was little, I can count the times that I have eaten it in the past five years on one hand.

I have gone back and forth between being a vegetarian and eating meat a lot in recent years. After having low iron from being vegetarian, I decided that I would stick to chicken and mostly free range. Red meat has never really appealed to me anyway being that I think steak is disgusting.

Occasionally, I will go to McDonalds for breakfast, mainly due to them serving it all day. After hearing the news that McDonald’s was coming out with a plant-based menu named “McPlant” in 2021, I was intrigued.

There has always been some sort of stereotype surrounding McDonalds for being cheap, greasy and unhealthy, but people still go. McDonalds is one of the most popular fast-food chains in the world.

I, for one, have recently changed my opinion on McDonalds. With so many millennials hopping on the vegan and plant-based diets, it is about time that they come out with a menu for everyone to enjoy. I also think this will be cleaner eating for most because you don’t have to worry about where your meat was sitting in McDonalds while it was waiting to be cooked.

The McPlant menu will first consist of a Beyond meat burger, which is a very popular plant based meatless brand, and a faux chicken sandwich. I am not yet sure of what the chicken sandwich will consist of. The fast-food chain then plans to move onto plant-based breakfast sandwiches if everything goes well. That is what I am most excited for.

The idea of a plant-based menu at McDonalds does change my perspective about the business a little bit and would make me feel better about myself for eating there. A concern for the plant-based menu that I do have is the price point. Vegan and veggie items typically cost more even at the store, simple due to the production costing more. Whether McDonalds can still keep their low-cost menu while offering these items is the real question.

Is McDonalds really McDonalds if you are spending $7 on just a burger? The whole point of going to McDonalds, at least for me, is to spend less money than I would at another fast-food joint.

With other chains having already come out with some plant-based items, McDonalds is a little behind on finally making the jump. The spicy chicken nuggets didn’t last long, probably due to the fact that Wendy’s has mastered them, so we can only hope that the McPlant menu will thrive. If not, I will probably just go back to not eating McDonalds that often.

Edited by: Diane Mwai

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