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Two “Wellness Days” to Replace Spring Break Next Semester

By Diane Mwai

The mental health of students and faculty at UAB has been a huge concern on campus, leading the university to implement wellness days since they announced that there will be no spring break, according to the Office of the Provost.

At Tuesday’s Faculty Senate Meeting, Dr. Pam Benoit discussed the implementation of these wellness days, which UAB has designated as Tuesday March 16th and Wednesday April 14th.

The purpose of these two days is to give students and faculty the chance to breathe since UAB is not issuing a formal spring break said Benoit, the Senior Vice President of the office. She said these dates were chosen because they are in the middle of the week, to reduce travel.

UAB is amongst many other universities across Alabama who have decided to forgo the break. The hope is to lower risk factors with students traveling, according to a UA press release.

“We are concerned about students coming back in the spring after a long break,” Benoit said.

There are plans in motion to send general messages to students during the break as well as messages from each school to remind students about safety precautions, Benoit said. She also said she does not want students to forget the good work that they have done during the Fall Semester by following guidelines and safety measures.

Another concern that the office raised is students having access to stable internet or if a student is unable to have a quiet space to take their final exams.

Mike Sloane, the Senate Chairmen, said that there will be spaces available in the Sterne Library as well as in Lister Hill. Students must sign up two weeks prior starting on Nov. 23, according to Benoit.

Benoit said professors should go ahead and schedule these exams so students know when to schedule a room for their finals.

Edited by Breeze Yancie & Ryan Michaels

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