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Republic in Transition

By Diane Mwai

©New Hampshire Public Radio “Democracy In Turmoil & Election Stress” by Ted Eytan 

This is an opinion column.

What makes America, America is our democratic ideals on liberty, equality and justice. 

It is very disappointing that our Commander in Chief has countlessly made a mockery of our democracy by questioning the legitimacy of mail in ballots. This is not the first time in US history that there have been mail in ballots. 

Roughly 33 million people mailed in their vote during the 2016 election. The majoirty counted thus far have been for Democratic candidates.

A big scare for some might be that there is a greater chance of voter fraud, but there haven’t been more than few known cases. 

It is not surprising that the Trump campaign would harass state courts and demand a recount of votes once they saw that Biden was taking the lead.

It is truly quite sad that he cannot except a win for the Democrats. It shows how large his ego is rather than his concern to stand by the democratic process and indicates that he cares more about winning than about America as a country trying to progress and do its best for its citizens. 

My hope is that America wakes up and realizes how vulnerable we are against a broken system that benefits of the backs of the working class and minorities without pouring out its resources back into society. 

This country is far from perfect, but it is a shame to say that America will always be America. 

We can be a better America. A more progressive America. An America where people are not scared that their rights are in danger of being violated and that the very democracy that is supposed to make us one of the greatest nations, is in shambles. 

I have faith, but I am not naive. If it takes a village to raise a child, imagine how many people it will take to rebuild a broken nation,

Edited by John H. Glenn

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