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Collat School of Business: Not Allowing COVID-19 to Stop Halloween Festivities 

The national pandemic has caused many people to adjust their everyday life, and upcoming Halloween celebrations will be no exception; but for some, attending a safety compliant UAB Halloween Trunk or Treat event has been a small way hold on to Halloween celebrations.

However, the spirit of Halloween could be seen and heard from those driving by campus last Tuesday afternoon. Blazer students and faculty in the Collat School of Business decided to get into the holiday spirit by ditching the textbooks and exchanging them for costumes. Tuesday, the business school invited students, specifically its freshmen, for a safe afternoon of fellowship, friends and of course: candy.

“We really wanted to celebrate Halloween after class one day,” said Endya Lee, UAB business student and trunk or treat attendee. “So, someone pitched the idea during class, and it sort of went from there.”

Students and faculty in charge of planning the event wanted a safe, fun and friendly environment to celebrate the Halloween holiday. Collat’s front parking lot served as a perfect venue to provide that experience for all attendees. Decorated cars lined the parking lot, overflowing with assorted candies and small trinkets. Attendees of all ages were encouraged to visit each display car and eat as much candy as they wanted.

“I came out today to support the business school,” Harris went on to say. “We never throw social events so this was fun and festive.”

Attendees lined the parking lot of the business building and proceeded to give a special Covid-19 friendly Halloween experience. Faculty and business students were able to channel their inner child by dressing in costumes. The event could be seen from the street, so many surprise guests joined the crowd.  Although the event was initially aimed to Collat students, no spooky face was turned away.

“We saw the event on the school’s snapchat,” said Heaven Alexander, an attendee. “It was a fun way to get the kids out of the house and in the holiday spirit a few days early.”

The Collat School of Business, as well as other on-campus programs have a full year of events for you and your friends to enjoy even during the holidays. All on-campus organizations encourage students to practice social distancing measures and wear protective coverings during all social events. Check out the UAB calendar for a full list of weekly sporting and social events going on around campus.

Edited By: Alivia Moore & John H. Glenn

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