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My Passion Won’t Be Stopped

This is an opinion column.

One Sunday I was singing in front of thousands of people and the next I was standing in an empty sanctuary singing to a camera. The Coronavirus has caused everyone’s social life to come to an abrupt stop, including the freedom to go to church and fellowship with others.

I was so accustomed to walking out on stage and seeing people excited about praise and worship to the point that I never thought of a life without it. I had to find a way to stay positive and active during quarantine to keep myself from becoming complacent and depressed.

I knew at a young age that I would be singing and using my gift for people to enjoy. Most television shows I watched growing up were filled with music and sing-alongs. One of my favorite Christmas presents was a microphone my parents bought. That toy became my favorite toy to play with and from then on, my love for music grew.

Singing was fun and I did it around the house all day, but I had never done it publicly because I was too shy. I finally broke out of my shell at the age of 13 when I started singing in the teen choir at church. Choir was not an option at my school so I would look forward to rehearsal and Sunday mornings. Once I got older, I was able to sing with the adults and sing in front of a congregation of about three thousand people.

Every Sunday we would soundcheck the mics and prepare for service to start so we could hit the stage and invite the members to join us as we lead praise and worship. In the earlier months of 2020, the Coronavirus was only talked about but soon after many people began contracting the virus which caused the world to seemingly pause.

Church is now being streamed virtually like most events and functions have been this year. I must say it has been difficult adjusting to this new way of living but I am still using my gift every week and enjoying every bit of it. I encourage everyone dealing with mental instability during the pandemic to find something they love to do to keep their thoughts positive.

Taking time to pray and meditate has also helped me during these trying times because it keeps me centered and helps prevent rambling thoughts in my mind. Since singing is my passion, I also urge everyone to create a playlist with encouraging songs that have uplifting messages because music can set the mood for an individual’s entire day.

I know many people attend church for fellowship but some may go to receive a special word from the minister. Although everyone is able to log on virtually, the in-person experience helped make people feel socially connected.

I believe it is best for everyone to continue enjoying church from the comforts of their homes for everyone’s safety and well-being with the cases starting to rise again. Churches with many members may not be able to meet for a while but it is best for the entire community. Smaller churches with minimal members should also be very precautious and practice social distancing while meeting.

Edited by Madison Goodgame & John H. Glenn

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