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Things I Have Learned To Take Better Care Of Myself By

This is an opinion column.

Never has there been a time to enlist acts of self-care more than now.

Considering the current global pandemic, It is important during these times to keep your mind, body and soul healthy. Whether that means setting your phone down for a few hours, eating a healthy meal or even participating in some form of physical activity.

Taking time for self-care is not always easy but during this time of isolation, I have found certain acts of treating myself that makes me feel good on the inside and out and stay sane.

If you’re someone who enjoys having a creative outlet, investing in a bullet journal might be the right move for you. Nothing says comfort like lighting a candle, tuning into my favorite podcast and getting lost in decorating my bright yellow journal.

Bullet journaling offers a sense of routine as well. I find it helpful to set up a monthly and weekly calendar so that I can visually see what I have in store for the next few weeks ahead of me.

Do not forget the surplus of colorful pens and washy tapes that you can acquire to vamp up the pages in your journal.

My bullet journal also doubles as a personal dairy. I give myself room to feel my feelings. The world is kind of crazy right now and it is okay to let yourself express these emotions, as long as you do not hurt anyone or yourself.

Sometimes it can be hard to see the bright side, so whenever I get in a slump, I always try to make a list of what I am grateful for.

Self-care does not have to be something uber creative or heavily time consuming, it can be as easy as going to a local park for a walk.

After staying cooped up in the house for days on end during March and April, I began to utilize the park that is a mere eight-minute drive from my house. I genuinely felt a feeling of freedom that I had not felt in a long time being able to tune out the chaotic world and just focus on not tripping over my own two feet. I find comfort in breathing fresh air and hearing the birds chirp away.

Maybe none of these activities that I mentioned are really your style, and that is okay. Find what little things make you feel good on the inside and out.

What works for some might not work for you. Self-care is not something to feel stressed about so if you are, then you are probably not doing it right.

Edited by Madison Goodgame & John H. Glenn

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