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Alabama’s Nominee for White House Chambermaid

By John H. Glenn

Photo by Michael DeMocker/Getty Images

This is an opinion column.

In preparation for this piece, I rediscovered a quote of James Madison – he was paraphrasing another quote from Edmund Randolph –, about the purpose of senators in congress. “First to protect the people against their rulers,” Madison said, “[and] secondly to protect the people against the transient impressions into which they themselves might be led.”. Words from another Epoque to be sure.

On July 14th, Republican voters nominate Tommy Tuberville over Jeff Sessions as the Republican senate nominee on the November ballot. This in obvious retribution for Session’s recusal during the Special Council Investigation of the Trump campaign, the president’s attitudes on Sessions and his tenure as Attorney General.

Through the eyes of the Republican base in our state, a retired football coach from Arkansas, without a shred of public service on his record, is better than the previous U.S. attorney general who spent 20 years prior as a senator from Alabama.

While I would like to think this choice is because of Session’s ethically elastic behavior as Attorney General – Recusing himself to show judicial impartiality, while leading the president’s illegal immigration policy of separating children from their parents at the boarder “No matter how young,” –, I think it gives too much credit to the same Republican base which nominated and nearly elected a sexual predator to the hill in 2017. It’s worth noting, 51,008 voted for Roy Moore during the Republican senatorial runoff this July.

Credit: Tommy Tuberville for U.S. Senate

I did not and do not like Jeff Session’s ideological positions and his Stockholm syndromesque attachment to president Trump, but Tuberville is no different in terms of sanctifing president Trump.

Until recently, Tommy Tuberville’s only significant campaign position, excluding the typical Republican guns, God and lifestyle stances, appears to be a total capitulation of our state’s interests to collaborate with the Trump administration’s national agenda. His campaign ads don’t mention specific issues that his voters have in Alabama, but a generic promise to “stand by Trump” in “draining the swamp”.

His tender attraction to the Trump White House is the only thing Republican voters may find endearing, but a true unique position outside of the president’s own agenda would make him an actual candidate, not a chambermaid.

Maybe that is what Alabama Republican voters want, someone with supreme loyalty to the current president. But personally, I find it inappropriate for someone who would not work in the White House, but in the most powerful chamber on the hill.

In his July victory speech in Montgomery, Tuberville lamented near every miserable Republican lie and talking point ad nauseam about incumbent Doug Jones. “In Doug Jones Alabama,” Tuberville said, “you take your marching orders from Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and the bartender AOC, and all the liberal left,”.

Is Tuberville not able to see the complete idiocy in accusing his opponent —one of the most bipartisan senators in congress—, of the very same political zealotry that he himself subscribes to with President Trump?

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