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Women In Lead Roles Make Us Stronger Here At UAB

By Madison Goodgame

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This is an opinion column.

It is important that UAB, along with other universities, keep women in lead roles to encourage gender equality and all impressionable women attending school.

Gender equality mostly becomes an issue in the workplace. Unequal pay, women being promoted less than men and the fear of asking to be paid based off worth are the most common obstacles that women run into.

At the beginning of my senior year at UAB, I had a professor named Dr. Jacquelyn Shaia. Dr. Shaia is an amazing teacher and role model. She showed me that it is possible to pursue my career in communication studies and be successful. The way that she carries herself and her students sets the tone for how other women aspire to be.

Dr. Shaia is not only extremely successful within her career but is successful in teaching a class made up of both males and females. She is very straight forward and gets right down to business. This inspired me because it made me actually want to learn about what she was teaching, rather than sitting on my phone the entire time.

UAB does a very good job of putting women in lead roles. For example, they employ more female neurosurgery faculty than the national average, while still practicing equality in other departments as well. This encourages other women to apply for lead roles and creates more diversity in the work place.

The UAB Commission on the Status of Women have presented awards to honor women within UAB and Birmingham communities during Women’s History Month for more than 25 years. These awards go to women who have stood up to overcome diversity in our community.

As a woman myself, it is so inspiring to see women in lead roles.

I have always had thoughts in the back of my mind telling me that it would be harder to be on top as a woman, but that is not true. If we build each other up, we won’t fall down.

UAB putting women in leading roles will only inspire other women to attend school, be more outgoing and strive to be successful within their career.

Gender equality is not just about women though, it calls for men to stand up as well. Equality for all helps everyone not just the minority. It is a human right and actually turns out to be good for the economy. Businesses tend to be more successful and profitable with women and men in equal leading roles.

If we have an unequal society that does not work together, then we are not as united as one. As a society, we want to be strong and we want to be equal.

Women have a huge role in todays world and it is just now starting to show. I hope that other universities start to follow in UAB’s footsteps by allowing women to earn their position in lead roles just as men do.

Edited by Diane Mwai & John H. Glenn

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