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Masks, But Make it Fashion: An Honors College & MEDLIFE Event

By Alexis Lundy

In response to the COVID-19 mandatory mask mandate,theHonors College Leadership Counciland MEDLIFEsaw a way to help their fellow Blazers. 

UAB, as well as the state of Alabama, has had an active mandatory mask mandate since the middle of the summer. As a result, face coverings have been required to be worn inside UAB buildings and outside around the campus.

To have a fun event while sprucing up students’ masks, the two organizations set up the event, “Masks, But Make It Fashion,” for students to design their own tie-dye mask.

“We made this event outdoors with a ‘come and go’ style,” said Grace Ham, vice president of MEDLIFE. “ALL COVID rules are being followed so it’s pretty safe out here.”

Attendees were met with a login system that scanned students’ UAB ONE Cards by simply swiping them across a touchless card reader. This new system cut back on the physical contact event leaders had with those visiting throughout the day. Students who attended were provided with white, cloth masks and all the items needed to design a fashionable mask to wear until the face covering mandate is lifted.

“Our governor has made masks mandatory now,” said Sydney Lu, a sophomore member of the Honors College. “We just wanted everyone to come out and make a mask to forget about the pandemic.”

Students were strategically placed six feet apart from each other around the Honors College Courtyard. The outdoor venue allowed for participants to get as messy as they wanted with paints, dyes and markers. Individuality was a theme between participants creating masks, as well as the event leaders who created it.

“This may be our new normal,” said student Tamia Harris. “I get sick of wearing the plain surgical masks, so I’m glad to have a personalized one to wear places.”

Protect yourself and others by wearing personal protective gear and practicing social distancing measures when possible.

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Edited by Alivia Moore, Ryan Michaels & John H. Glenn

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Made By Students from the University of Alabama at Birmingham