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Why Students Should Continue Furthering Their Education During the Pandemic

By Madison Goodgame

This is an opinion column.

Going to school during a pandemic that has caused financial, emotional and physical turmoil is surely the last thing that college students expected, but it is vital that we continue to stay motivated and reach out for help in a time like this.

For the past seven months, we have been hearing about COVID-19 on campus. Now, many classes have moved online which has caused students to take some time off or want to give up. Teachers are losing jobs, some classes are moving online or not being offered, and tuition cost has not decreased in the slightest.

I understand the feeling not being as motivated when constantly being stuck at home, but continuing to take classes is still priority. Going to college has helped give me confidence, connections, and friends. I do not regret a single second or penny that I have put towards furthering my own education.

A classmate of mine mentioned that he almost was not able to afford his tuition this semester because of losing hours at work but he found a way to make it work. If you are feeling doubtful about this as well in the future, keep in mind that UAB has many different types of aid.

The school offers loans, grants, and work study. They also offered a limited number of laptops to students without access this past semester. I always ask for help from the University when needed.

I also have had a hard time staying on top of my school work from home, but still remained to do so, even if I needed extra time.

When I first heard that after attending college for almost four years, I might not have a graduation ceremony, I was emotional. After putting in all of the time and effort, a ceremony in your honor, only seems fair.

We should all take a moment to realize that our safety is more important and that we will still receive a diploma. Each student should remain proud of themselves, no matter the circumstance.

If you need support about staying motivated to continue furthering your education, reach out to a friend or classmate. As students, we should all keep applying for jobs, building our resumes, and striving for a diploma. Continuing to obtain your college degree is important for job stability, financial gain, and employment rates in the United States.

I have met extremely successful people who did not attend college but if you have already begun, do not allow the pandemic to get in your way.

Edited By: Diane Mwai & John H. Glenn

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