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Uncertain, but resilient

By Mica Wade, Social Media Manager

Everyone’s lives have been impacted tremendously because of the COVID-19 pandemic and many of us are unsure how long this will affect us.

I can say with certainty that my life has been affected by the pandemic in many ways, including: a sudden move, classes moving to online and being unemployed. All of these things led me to feel discouraged and uncertain of what my future would hold now that the US had millions of Americans left on unemployment.

I was scared. Scared for my family members who had underlying health conditions, for my friends who sacrificed a lot to go to school and all for our last semester together to end so abruptly. For myself, with school moving to online it caused a sudden move to Georgia that led me to feel as if my future career may not be a possibility.

As we enter this “new normal” with businesses reopening and life sort of resuming, remember that we have the power to eliminate this pandemic with simply being smart and thinking of others. I’ve seen that for most that is quite hard, and a lot of Americans have contributed to spreading the virus.

We are unsure on a lot of things with this pandemic, but what we do know is that we have to be smart and think of others who are not so fortunate with the effects of COVID-19. For some reason, politics have been brought into this pandemic which is utterly confusing for myself and many others. Why should a political opinion stop someone from simply wearing a mask and thinking of someone other than themselves? I wish I knew the answer but sadly I do not.

So, my reflection on COVID-19: it was a learning experience, overall, and it showed me the true character of most people. I learned how to be a true adult and adjust to a new beginning that was not my first decision. I learned that just because I might be safe from COVID, another person is not and what may be a flu for me may end drastically different for another.

Let us have resilience that we gain from each other, so that we can help others and do our part to have health in our lives.

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