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The world was about to fall apart, so I proposed. And she said yes.

By Mason Milazzo, Multimedia

Right before the world fell apart, I proposed to my long-time girlfriend, Katie, and believe it or not, she said yes.

So, when the world shut down, she moved in, and it was awesome.

I’ll be honest though, I was worried.

Yes, I did just propose, so the worry wasn’t about our relationship, but I was worried about how we would mesh together as roommates.

I know myself well enough to know that I can be difficult. I know that I am messy, loud and I really like my own space.

She, on the other hand, is clean (mostly), quiet and hates to be alone. So, you can see how this was going to be an interesting first taste of married life.

Well, only kind of, because we also had my other two roommates, their girlfriends, my fiancé’s dog, my roommate’s dog, his girlfriend’s dog, and my other roommate’s girlfriend’s cat.

Yes, we were starting a small zoo in our apartment.

I am the type of person who needs alone time to play Xbox and recharge my batteries and I admittedly can get cranky when I don’t get to do that for a while.

So, with Katie being a person who hates alone time, stuck in a house without having an option to leave and go see other friends, I was concerned we may attempt to murder each other.

That wasn’t the case at all. She respected that I would sometimes want to play Xbox or do my own thing, and I respected the fact that I knew she was going to be very bored and I needed to get her and Milo outside and get us all on walks together.

We went on more walks during that time than ever. It was really nice, and helped me drop a few pounds, too.

Outside of the fun, chaotic times in our small apartment, I really learned how in love with this woman I am, and how excited I am for the next stage in our lives.

Our relationship, although lasting eight years, has certainly had its ups and downs. A lot of personal growth and maturity had to happen for the both of us to get here, but I’m happy it led us here.

From high school, to different colleges, to another different college, to her working at Disney World, to her studying abroad for an entire summer, to now, we made it.

Although I had a great time, I am ready for the next step. Without the infectious disease, furry and non-furry roommates.

Just me, my wife and our dog-son, Milo.

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