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Recycling Returns and Avondale Officially Becomes Birmingham’s Newest Entertainment District

By Fletcher Allen, Reporter

During Tuesday’s meeting, the Birmingham City Council focused on public works and neighborhood revitalization.

“This has just blessed my soul and I’m grateful,” Birmingham District 6 resident Janice Cobb said, in tears, on a video produced by the Keep Birmingham Beautiful commission.

The commission is the Birmingham division of the “Keep America Beautiful” organization. The commission has been cleaning parts of the city since the 1950’s, under the name of the “Beautification Board.” Its current moniker was adopted in 1989.

One of Mayor Woodfin’s priorities since taking offices has been a focused push toward neighborhood revitalization, involving tearing down vacant houses, maintaining green spaces and organized neighborhood clean ups like these.

“If you could just see some of the items, actual whole bags of trash being dumped in ravines and other places,” Council President Wardine Alexander said.

The video shows council members and citizens picking up trash near houses, parks and on the sides of roads in multiple Birmingham districts.

In other news, the council amended the city’s General Code to designate Avondale as one of Birmingham’s entertainment districts.

“A lot of the time, it’s not our constituents (leaving trash), it’s people from other neighborhoods, other cities — that’s not right,” Councilwoman Crystal Smitherman said.

In other news, the council amended the city’s General Code to designate Avondale as one Birmingham’s entertainment districts.

This comes as a move to promote the growth and safety of the businesses in the Avondale district.

Council members also amended the Grants Fund Budget by appropriating $103,707.37 to the departments of Fire, Health and Human Services as well as Public Health and Social Services Emergency Fund.

According to Councilman Clinton Woods, this redirection of funds will act as, “employee paid leave,” for city workers exposed to COVID-19.

The city is also planning to resume curbside recycling on July 1, a service that has been suspended since April.

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